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Static-Voltmeter R-4021

Electronic instrument with a choice of electrodes for measuring the electrostatic charges of synthetic fibers, yarns, foils and sheets. Measurements of body loads.

  • Measuring range 1-50'00 Volt, -input resistance 10x10 (17) Ohm
  • Special electrodes for resistance measurements of yarns, flocky material, ribbons and sheets
  • Display of positive and negative values
  • Measurements of specific resistance charges
  • Measurements of body loads
  • Efficiency tests of antistatic preparations, can be combined with measurements of the F-Meter
  • Processing of statistic data, graph displays and evaluation on the PC

Electrostatic charges on synthetic materials often cause great difficulties to producers, processors and users ( public and industrial ) . The materials charged electro statically are difficult to process and handle, contaminate quicker and can even cause explosions by sparks ( ammunition and firework plants ) The ROTHSCHILD STATIC-VOLTMETER has been designed to offset these drawbacks and help to overcome all electrostatically related problems.

With the ROTHSCHILD STATIC-VOLTMETER exact and and efficient checking of electrostatic charges are possible during and after production and processing of à synthetic fibres à plastics à foils and sheets à granulates With the INTERFACE /SOFTWARE 4021A/d all measured data are statistically processed and evaluated and graphically presented on the PC ( WINDOWS 2000 up / EXCEL ) .


  • measurements 1 – 50 000 volts static à automatic measuring range switch
  • 9 measuring ranges à measuring of static fields from 1 v/cm up
  • surface tension measurements à built in overload protection
  • measurement of specific static loads à body load measurements
  • polarity reading à electrodes for all applications (yarn, staple fibre,carpets etc.)
  • resistance, conductivity measurements à checking of antistatic finishes
  • for R+D and quality control à international standards ( US – norm )

Measuring Principle

Unlike other instruments known to date the ROTHSCHILD STATIC-VOLTMETER uses a vibrating reed condenser. This condenser, whose dialectic is air and which is placed at the highly insulated measuring input , changes its capacity at a specific frequency. The amplitude of the generated alternating voltage is changed by charge variations at the measuring input. After amplification a proportional voltage can be read on the galvanometer and be evaluated in a data processor.

This measuring system has a very high input resistance of 10 x 16 ohms which allows the measurement of all kinds of electrostatic loads.