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Entanglement-Tester R-2072

Instrument for the contiunous measurement of interlacement-knots and interlacement-length. Determination of quantative knot-properties. Application recognised world-wide as a "Standard". The knot is physically tested for its mechanical strength. (The only measuring-instrument based on that method)

  • For yarns of 30-5000 Deniers
  • Physical testing of the knot
  • Automatic measurement of up to 50'000 knots
  • Individual and overall statistics
  • Determination of the mechanical strength of the knot, distance between knots, non-values, eveness
  • Detection and display of weak interlaced knots
  • Display of the measured data as single values or in form of tables
  • Transfer of measured data to a central PC with ASCII and to Excel.

This instrument is indispensable for manufacturers of interlaced yarns

The ROTHSCHILD ENTANGLEMENT-TESTER R-2072 is able to test the following yarn properties :

• Number entanglements /meter
• Distances between entanglement knots
• Mechanical stand fastness of knot
• Discrimination of weak or soft knots
• Discrimination of yarns with insufficient entanglements
• Up to 2500 tests per hour
• Automatic process for yarns 30 – 5000 deniers
• Provison for automatic knotter
• Data evaluation on WINDOWS 2000 and higher

General Remarks

The quality control for intermingled yarns in spinning and texturizing calls for the latest measuring techniques to determine the distances between compaction points, the number and quality of the interlaced knots. The often difficult handling of fine yarns and the frequent needed informations are demanding for a reliable automatic testing process with statistical analysis of the measured data.

The ROTHSCHILD NEEDLE PULL TESTER R- 2072 is the only instrument on the market which is able to test the qualitative and quantitative properties of an entangled yarn respective of the knots.

Measuring principle
the running yarn is split by a special needle ( even yarns of 30 deniers ! ) and travels on with the needle in between. When a entanglement knots arrives the needle tests mechanically the stand fastness of the interlace knot is withdrawn and immediately after the knot yarn is split again and the procedure is repeated till the preset number of knots is tested.

Delivery scope

• PC ( WINDOWS 2000 and up ) with monitor and printer
• Special software
• Instruction books

Entanglement – Tester 25 kgs. 52 x 45 x 36 cm
PC with monitor and printer 20 kgs.

Download Graphs R-2072