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measuring on spinning machine

Memo-Tens R-3010

Yarn tension measurement is essential for all yarn - and fabric - producers.

ROTHSCHILD build the electronic tensiometers since years. They were reliable, accurate, recorded data and their statistics. Only drawback - instruments, PC or recorder had to be carried along on a trolley - weight ca. 15 - 25 kg.

To overcome this ROTHSCHILD has developed a completely new Tensiometer, which weights - including the measuring head only 250 grams plus a tablet 600 grams.

With this easy carrying-on device one can do measuring in the whole plant - without doing any "shlepping" - a dream comes true !

Description of new MEMO-TENS R-3010

MEMO-TENS R-3010 is a new concept for yarn tension measurements on multiple yarn production machines for fast data acquisition in the whole plant.

Since years our ROTHSCHILD ELECTRONIC TENSIOMETER are a trade word with yarn producers worldwide.

Up to now ROTHSCHILD ELECTRONIC TENSIOMETER where composed of three parts.

- Measuring electrode (measuring head) to take up the yarn under tension

- Proper ELECTRONIC TENSIOMETER for signal amplification, data preparation for transfer to data evaluation - this instrument, weights approx. 8 kg - and is connected to electric power.

- a PC or Notebook.

All this units had to be mounted on a trolley and guided through the plant for measuring yarn tensions during production. A nearby electric plug was condition.


The new ROTHSCHILD MEMO-TENS R-3010 is a revolution in data acquiring of yarn tension in the plant.

Thank new engineering techniques, new miniaturised electronics it was possible to build all parts of the ROTHSCHILD ELECTRONIC-TENSIOMETER into the measuring head. All of minimal dimensions and weight.

(30 x 160 mm 220 grams)

This brings the whole yarn tension device inclusive all parts to a:

measuring head 220 grams + Tablet PC 600 grams !

No problem anymore to go through the whole plant taking yarn tension measurements and record all data.

By preference the MICROSOFT 10" Surface 2 Tablet is recommended

  • Measuring range 0-1000 cN
  • Memory for up to 150 position measurements
  • Graphical display statistic evaluations
  • position for positions or on line measurements
  • Indispensable for continuous production control in the plant

Download R-3010 Infosheet