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Electronic Tensiometer

Rothschild Electronic Tensio-Meter R-3000

Highprecision, portable electronic yarntension measuring instrument designed for the use in production, R&D as well as Quality-Control.

  • On-Line measurements on production machines
  • yarn speed up to 7'000m/min
  • Measuring range 0.05 - 200'000 cN
  • Yarntension diagrams on display of instrument and PC
  • Mono or dual simultaneous measurements at 2 independent tension points
  • Data processing by PC with evaluation of basic statistical values
  • Long-term measurements of up to 20 days with zooming feature (down to 1/50 sec)
  • Choice of special measuring Heads - watertight, -acidproof, -for glass fibres etc.
  • Mains- and battery operated (integrated recharging when reconnected to the mains)
  • Precision 2%
  • Many thousand units in operation world-wide